Bodhilila has been meditating and practising mindfulness for 27 years. She is a fully accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer as well as a qualified counsellor, teacher and massage therapist. She worked for many years as a classical musician and more recently as a nursery manager. She is currently Chair of the West London Buddhist Centre, where she has been teaching meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism, as well as helping to run the Centre, since 2012. She leads retreats for the WLBC and at Taraloka women’s retreat centre, including retreats for the LGBTQ+ community along with Singhashri, and meditation retreats with Paramananda.  

Bodhilila is also a founding member of the BIPOC/BAME teaching kula with Viveka, Singhashri and others hosting the monthly Welcoming Liberation classes on the last Saturday of the month. And she's part of the London based group of POC/BAME Order members and mitras putting on retreats and events for POC/BAME practitioners, including monthly online sessions every Sunday (4-5.30pm UK time).

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