The SFBC offers a relaxed and friendly place for people who want to participate in a Buddhist community - or want clear instruction about Buddhism and meditation and how they can apply it in their life. We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly called "Friends of the Western Buddhist Order") and have been located at 37 Bartlett (@ Valencia/21st) in the Mission District since 1994.

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calendar highlights

learning mindfulness

  • life with full attention - 4 week introductory mindfulness course, sep 29 to oct 20, mondays 7pm to 9pm (mindfulness courses)

learning meditation

  • the art of meditation - 5 week introductory course begins tue, oct 14 to nov 11: learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness, tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm (meditation courses)
  • every thursday, 7pm to 8pm, drop-in introduction to buddhist meditation (introductory courses)

learning about buddhism

  • essential dharma - 5 week course begins oct 28 to Nov 25 (or Dec 2): learn the essentials of buddhism, tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm (buddhism courses)

practicing together

  • wednesdays, 7pm to 9pm, open to all, meditation at 7pm followed by dharma talk, discussion (sangha night)
  • sep 24 - cultivating emotional intelligence, with viveka
  • oct 1 - practice night, with prasadachitta
  • oct 8 - words-as-tools, with acarasiddhi
  • oct 15 to nov 5 - what is the sangha? 4-week series

day retreats

  • sat, oct 18, 10am to 4pm, words on a page - writing workshop with acarasiddhi (day retreats)


  • weekday morning meditations, mon to fri, 7:30am to 8:15am, open to all (ongoing activities)

special events

film and arts

the sfbc space is available to rent.

Come on in!

More About the San Francisco Buddhist Center

Our community is dedicated to supporting the development of spiritual friendship among those who wish to experience the benefits of Buddhist practice and believe that it can make a constructive contribution to the modern world. Our system of practice emphasizes the following spiritual practices in addition to both samatha and vipassana meditation: friendship/sangha, creativity/art, study, and ritual. Check out this article on sfstation.com about meditation centers - it describes the SFBC as an unpretentious and friendly place to learn meditation or practice within a community.

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