Past Events and Recordings

February 2021 Sangha Nights: Healing Communication on the Path (for the benefit of all beings)

The Heart's Depths, with Tejananda, Feb 2021 on youtube here.

Pasadini, The Healing Energy of the Heart, Jan 2021 on youtube here.

January 2021 Sangha Nights: Healling Communication, Stories from the Buddha's Time.

Creative Meditaton, with Vajradarshini, Sep 2020, on youtube here: Part 1, and Part 2.

Courageous Conversatons About Race, July 2020, 3 conversations hosted by Vimalasara

Podcast July 2020 - Viveka and Upayadhi on tbc: The Ministry of Presence.

Buddhists and Racial Justice Resources June 2020

Buddha Day Celebrations May 2020 and Fundraiser for Buddhists in India on tbc.

Meditation Morning with Tejananda: Body, Heart, Love, May 2020 recorded here.

May 2020 Sangha Nights: Viveka - Practicing with Uncertainty, on youtube here.

April 2020 Sangha Nights: Nagapriya from Cuernavaca on Renunciation, on youtube here.

The Myth of Meditation - workshop online with Paramananda April 2020 recorded here.

Sangha Night June 2018 - Viveka: A Dharmic Exploration of Power, Toxic and Transformational Recorded here on appbox

Mindulness and the Creative Disruption of Bias, Viveka 2016, on youtube here.

Video Poem by Mary Salome and Jim Waterwash - showing Dharmadhara and the SFBC building "before" a lot of work.