Sangha Nights in July

Stillness, Simplicity and Contentment, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm

July 3:  Independence? 

Join us for meditation and some pre-holiday reflections on freedom, the illusion of an independent self, and other possibilities.  With Padmatara.

July 10: Suicide, Escape and Liberation

The cessation of suffering is central to Buddhism.   It is also central to suicide.  On this Sangha Night, we will look for insights about both Buddhist practice and suicide that might arise by tracing this common thread that runs through them. 

Suicide impacts many peoples' lives, sometimes through losing someone to it, and sometimes through their own suicidal thoughts or concern about someone else's.  Continuing with this year's theme of "bringing everything on the path"  Pete will talk about his experience as a telelphone counselor at San Francisco Suicide Prevention.

July 17: Celebrating Dharma Day - the Teaching of the Buddha

Tonight our special guest Succhita will explore the Word of the Buddha - Buddhavacana, through increasingly subtle levels; words and concepts, embodied chanting and mantra, and silence. 

Suchitta has lived at Taraloka Retreat Center since 2009. She's a classically trained musician, and practiced for many years in London as a Registered Music Therapist, working creatively with a broad range of client groups. She has a natural affinity with, and is drawn to sound worlds and silence. Suchitta was ordained in 1990, and spent two years working at the Wellington Buddhist Centre in New Zealand and six years at the Triratna Centre in Brighton. She has a particular interest in Dharma study and the place/space of chanting and mantra in spiritual practice. 

July 24 and 31: Stillness, Simplicity and Contentment

Special guest and old friend Paramabodhi will lead these two nights, helping us settle into the profound and yet beautifully simple practice of mindfulness and kind attention. (See also day retreat July 27.)

Paramabodhi lived and worked at the SFBC for 6 years during the 90's, helping to get us started along with Paramananda, Karunadevi and others. He currently works full time as an artist (aka Hugh Mendes) and teacher in London, teaching occasionally at the London Buddhist Center. Luckily for us he still has time to visit fairly regularly. 

Drop in to any evening.  Open to everyone. 

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