Sangha Night

Celebrating Life and Death

Urgyen Sangharakshita, August 26, 1925 - October 30, 2018

Today we heard the sad news that our founder and teacher - Sangharakshita - has died. We had already scheduled an evening to remember all the loved ones and strangers who have died in this last year, and this will still go ahead (see below), with the addition of stories and chanting in honor of this unique person who, among many other things, made our center possible.

Sangha Night, Wed, Oct 31, 7pm to 9pm

Sangha Night: A Dharmic Exploration of Power - Toxic and Transformational

Viveka facilitates breakthroughs with people building community power to shape a thriving world that is healthy, inclusive, and equitable. She has collaborated for 25 years within movements for racial, economic, gender and environmental justice and with dharma communities seeking to model and work towards a transformed, liberating society. She will share her reflections and engage us on these questions:

Sangha Night: Summer Practice

During the month of August, we will be focusing on meditation practice. We will explore meditations that calm the mind (samatha) and that lead to insight (vipassana), as well as ritual & devotion and the dynamics of activity and receptivity. Each evening will include a double sit and a brief talk on a particular aspect of meditation. 

Feel free to come to the whole series or drop in to any evening.  

Sangha Night Series: a Wise Relationship to Practice

In this Buddhist path of transformation, how we relate to practice has a profound effect upon what unfolds. How do we relate to the idea of path and goal? How do we relate to effort? How do we relate to not knowing? During this 3 week series, Danadasa will explore what is meant by a wise relationship to practice through the perspective of the 5 spiritual faculties: mindfulness, conviction, energy, meditation, and discernment. 

All are welcome. Come to the whole series or drop in to any of the 3 evenings. Suggested donation $10 to $5 or whatever you can afford.

Day Retreat: Buddhist Action Month

Meditation in the World - part of our Buddhist Action Month series.

This is an opportunity to take our practice outside and commune with nature.  Starting at 10am we will meet in Dolores Park.  Look for us on the grass above the tennis courts near the corner of 18th and Dolores St.  Mats and cushions are provided.  Please bring your own blankets, sunscreen, water, hat, and weather appropriate clothing. We will do a sit, walk, sit. Then share in a vegetarian potluck lunch.  Please register so we know how many cushions to bring.


Sangha Night: Buddhist Action Month: Transforming Self and World

In June we will be joining Triratna Centers around the world to participate in Buddhist Action Month (BAM).  During Sangha Nights, and our monthly Day Retreat June 9, we will explore the theme of "Transforming Self and World".  There will also be opportunities to join online communities. More information here: thebuddhistcenter.

June 9: What is Buddhist Action, with Hridayashri