Silent Meditation Day

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You are invited once again to join us at the SFBC for a very simple, silent day of meditation practice.  You can join for the whole day or any portion of it - just please be sure to arrive during a break, as we will be unable to let you in otherwise. 

The Wisdom of the Breathing Body, with Vidyamala

We are very fortunate to be hosting this meditation morning with Vidyamala, from her home in the UK.

The focus for the morning will be the breath. Vidyamala will lead an exploration into the physiology of breathing and introduce methods that calm and balance the nervous system, build resilience and strength, and enhance our meditation practice.

This workshop is for you if: you are working with stress or pain; you want support to go deeper with your meditation; or you just want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to practice with Vidyamala.

The Earth is Our Witness - online retreat

International Online retreat 18–22 April, 2022

Led by members of the Triratna Earth Sangha, including Parami, Tejopala, Shantigarbha, Santacitta, Akasharaja, Akuppa, and Sarvajit. Others to be confirmed. 

(For those of us on the West Coast Session one will be 1am, but session 2 is 7:30am and session 3 is 11:30am. Go to the Eventbrite registration page for more information.)

We’ll be connecting, meditating, studying, and creating ritual space together, online and at Buddhist Centres.

Men's Ordination Training Retreat

This retreat is part of Triratna Ordination Training for men who wish to take ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

The cost is $500 to $700 and participants are requested to give as much as they can.  There is a $200 registration fee but this will be refunded if the retreat is cancelled due to coronavirus.

There will be indoor accommodations available but there is also plenty of room to camp.

Travel considerations: