Meditation Course: Mindfulness of Breathing

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in old habits despite all your best intentions? Would you like to find ways to respond more creatively to the difficulties, and the joys, in life? 

One of the many benefits of meditation is learning to pause and give ourselves the opportunity to respond from a place of wisdom and kindness.  As we become more mindful and aware we can begin to free ourselves from some of our old ruts and allow new possibilities to emerge. Our relationship with ourselves and others, and the world around us becomes easier, more appreciative and attentive.


Meditation Drop-in

Each Thursday* we offer a brief introduction to meditation and lead through one of two main practices: Mindfulness of Breathing and Loving Kindness (Metta). This is a very good place to get a feel for meditation, meet our teachers and discuss what you might do next. No experience necessary.

Drop in as often as you like. Suggested donation: $10-5.

Nov 14, Dec 5 and 19: Metta Bhavana - the Cultivation of Loving Kindness.

Nov 21, Dec 12: Mindfulness of Breathing