Meditating with Kindness - Introductory Meditation Course


Even as a mother at the risk of her life, watches over and protects her only child, so with a boundless heart let one cherish all living beings. (From the Metta Sutta)

The metta bhavana, or cultivation of loving kindness, is a powerful meditation practice that teaches us how to bring a friendly, kind, curious attention to ourselves and to other people, and to whatever arises in our experience, softening harsh self-criticism and judgment and bringing a sense of ease and openness to our participation in the world. 

Sangha Nights in August

Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm

Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Pathmaker, there is no path, the path is made by walking. (Antonio Machado)

Continuing our 2023 theme: Pathways to Awakening, this month various Sangha Members will share what they have learned on the paths they have created by "walking" (poetically speaking). Prasadachitta will hold the space and contribute his own reflections. 

Aug 2:  Abhayamoksha has just returned from a three-month ordination retreat in Spain. Let's welcome him back and hear about his journey. 

Satipatthana: Four Approaches To Mindfulness

4 Tuesday evenings, July 25 to August 15, 7pm to 9pm in person

This meditation course is guided by the Satipatthana Sutta - a teaching that describes a simple and direct way to lessen and end suffering through attending to our direct sensory connection to the world. The four approaches are: mindfulness of the body and changing sensations; mindfulness of feelings as an emotional experience of the present moment; mindfulness of thoughts as our mind imagines; and finally mindfulness of the very nature of experiencing.

Mindfulness of Breathing - Introductory Meditation Course

Would you like to live more creatively, with more freedom, kindness and wisdom, and less fear, irritation and confusion?  The Buddha practiced and then taught meditation for this very purpose, and the practices are readily available to everyone.  

Mindfulness of Breathing, or Anapanasati, is a beautifully simple and deeply transformative practice, where we use the sensations of breathing to ground our awareness in the body, so that we can open to the inner and outer events of everyday life with more spaciousness, clarity and compassion. 

Curso introductorio en español

Curso introductorio de 4 semanas en español y/o "spanglish" en un espacio seguro para tí.

"La meditación no es sólo para encontrar paz. Es para conectarte con lo que es verdadero en tí."

Este no es sólo un curso sobre meditación, es un curso sobre cómo vivir una vida más plena y más significativa.

Mindfulness in Everyday Life - in person course

Mindfulness is the ability to give our undivided attention to the present moment and to wholeheartedly engage with and respond to what is happening. It enhances all experience. In this course we will learn how to apply mindfulness to our day-to-day activities and bring greater joy, depth, and spaciousness into our lives. No experience necessary.

Open to complete beginners and anyone wishing to refresh, support and deepen their practice. 

Introduction to Buddhism - in person course

Buddhism is a vision of human existence. It is also a practical guide that we can apply to every aspect of our lives.  Meditation and buddhist principles, practiced together, bring us closer to our direct experience, dissolving our misperceptions to reveal the boundless potential and precious opportunity of life. 

Central to Buddhist practice is a deep desire to understand suffering and the means to end suffering; to discover the "magic of the ordinary";  and to live in harmony with ourselves and those around us.