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Here's a recent talk by Viveka on Sangha Night: "Mindfulness and the creative disruption of bias" at thebuddhistcenter.com

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Ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1997, Viveka teaches Buddhism and meditation and leads retreats at the San Francisco Buddhist Center and internationally. She has a deep love for meditation and has meditated for over 20 years. She actively develops emerging teachers and Triratna's teaching movement-wide. As private preceptor, Viveka mentors and trains individuals for ordination.

In January 2017 Viveka resigned as chair of the San Francisco Buddhist Center, after 16 amazing years of service to the Center, fostering a sense of community and maintaining the spiritual integrity of the situation. She continues to be a facilitator and on the Steering Committee of the Triratna's International Council of 50 order members from around the world meeting to promote connection and development across our tradition.

Viveka is also a certified coach and a facilitator and nonprofit consultant working for 20 years for social justice as an integral expression of her dharma practice. She is a co-founder of Coaching for Justice (www.coachingforjustice.org).

Viveka was on the planning team for a 2013 Generation X cross-tradition Buddhist teacher's conference and the steering committee planning the 2015 Maha-Buddhist Teachers conference aiming to gather 400 teachers of Buddha-Dharma across the wide range of traditions. She is engaged in outreach efforts making Buddhist teachings and meditation available to activists and people of color collaborating with other Buddhist traditions and social change organizations.

Her writing appears in Dharma Culture and Color: New Voices in Western Buddhism, The Buddha's Apprentices: More Voices of Young Buddhists and Record of the Hidden Lamp: 100 Koans and Stories from 25 Centuries of Awakened Women (to be published in 2013).