Sangha News

"The Land" is now Dharmadhara

At a special sangha gathering on March 5th, the San Francisco Buddhist Center announced that our five-acre property formerly known as “The Land” has been named “Dharmadhara,” which means Dharma mountain.

Dharma: The path of practice taught by the Buddha

Dhara: Holding, bearing, carrying, wearing, possessing, having, keeping (also in memory), sustaining, preserving, observing, and by extension or example it can be the earth, a mountain, a womb, or a mass of gold or heaps of valuables (representing the earth).

Sponsors Wanted for Two New Upcoming Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications writes: “We are looking forward to two new books coming out this summer - I’ll Meet You There by Shantigarbha and ​Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide by Bhikkhu Anālayo.  As Windhorse is a small charity, we ask that you please consider sponsoring one or both to help us with publication costs. Tho