Sangha News

Pan American Ordinations in Mexico

Estamos muy contentas de informarles que las siguientes mujeres recibieron su ordenación pública el día 20 de Octubre en el Centro Budista de la Ciudad de México.

We are delighted to let you know that the following women received their public ordination on the 20th October in the Buddhist Centre in Mexico City.

Core Sangha Retreat Declared Smashing Success

Sixteen members of the Core Sangha gathered at Dharmadhara to meditate and reflect on Stillness, Simplicity, and Contentment, focusing on the Satipatthana Sutta. Paramabodhi, who was visiting from the UK, led the retreat this year. He is an old friend to the sangha, having helped get the SFBC going in the early 90's before returning to London to work on his art.

FBA Podcast: What’s Race, Gender, Sexuality and Skin Color Got to Do with Non-Self?

A timely and thought-provoking talk given at a People of Color (POC) day-long retreat at Oakland’s East Bay Meditation Center earlier this year. The East Bay Meditation Center hosts teachers from all lineages to teach the Dharma to their POC, LGBTQI2, Differently Abled and Scent Free Communities.

Talk given February 2019.

Dharmadhara shrine room update

Drew reports that "the shrine room is nearly there and is looking great. We'll be doing a few more things before the retreats in April: put extra fire-resistant treatment on the outside (required by code), add trim at wall/floor, and add lighting. We were running short on the dried boards we cut earlier so we prioritized the walls and floor. This means the following things will be finished later: add doors to shelves, finish wall behind shelves, and add boards to the clear story (short wall up in the ceiling).