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Ordination in San Francisco (and Canada)

I am delighted to announce that the public ordination of Mary Salome from San Francisco, CA took place at the San Francisco Buddhist Center on August 29, 2021.

Mary Salome becomes Rodashruti (the a, u and i are short, accent on the first and third syllable)
a Sanskrit name meaning “She who listens to the cries of the world.”

Registered spelling Rodashruti

Private preceptor Vimalasara
Public preceptor Karunadevi


With Metta,


Ordinations at Dharmadhara

Watch the video showing the offerings and explanations of the names. Thanks to Prasadachitta. 

I’m delighted to announce that two Public Ordinations took place at Dharmadhara Retreat Center in California on May 15, 2021. The ceremony was conducted outside with some sangha and family members attending.

These two new Dharmacharinis were privately ordained on a small eight day retreat with their preceptors.

Public Preceptor Karunadevi:

Emergency support for pandemic relief in India

India is experiencing a catastrophic surge of the Covid pandemic, and millions of people have been infected.  Hundreds of thousands are dying. The disaster is having a terrible impact on the Triratna Community, and every day we get news of Order Members, Mitras and Friends who have died.   Triratna volunteers are helping in their communities, and the Nagaloka training center in Nagpur has been closed and converted to a temporary hospital for people from the Buddhist community.   

Statement of Solidarity and Compassion

A Statement of Solidarity and Compassion
March 2021

We are heartbroken by the stream of reports about acts of terror and harassment directed towards Asian, Asian American, Asian Canadian, and Pacific Islander communities. We stand against all forms of hatred towards people of Asian descent, and towards all People of Color, including Black and Indigenous peoples. 

Largest-ever grassroots multi-faith climate day of action

The San Francisco Buddhist Center's Green Sangha and friends joined with hundreds of actions across the world to demonstrate that people of faith want bold solutions on climate change. The attendees called for climate justice, an end to fossil fuels and deforestation, and a renewable future for all. The peaceful event took place outside of a Chase Bank branch in San Francisco's Mission District, and called for JP Morgan Chase to defund the Line 3 tar sands pipeline and to stop financing fossil fuel projects.

Radical Re-Orientation: The 2021 Buddhism and Race Speaker Series

Monthly virtual events from January through August with talks on moving beyond racial integration toward decolonized, indigenized and anti-racist practices and communities. These fill quickly so register early!

To learn more and register visit:

The questions guiding their work include:

Fall Vajra Bell Magazine online: Climate Change: It's really happening

The pandemic and its impact on our lives and well-being and, most recently, racial justice have dominated our headlines and seized our attention. In the midst of these challenges, an issue that remains as critical, and increasingly so, is climate change. As Bikkhu Anālayo said, “It’s really happening.” Before the pandemic struck, we had planned to focus on the climate crisis and what our responsibilities as Buddhists are. We offer reflections in this issue on this question from Anālayo, Vessantara, Gunopeta and Aryadrishti.

Mitra Ceremony in the Park

On Saturday November 21,2020 in Mclaren Park, San Francisco, Prasadachitta and Shunyamala conducted Mitra Ceremonies for 6 new Mitras - Ciara, Jayson, Jon, Karla, Riaz and Zue. Sadhu!

It was a really beautiful event, and very moving.  Many thanks to everyone who made it possible, and welcome to the 6 Mitras. 

Padmatara, SFBC