Sangha News

SFBC Picnic and Fundraiser - Thank you!

A very big thank you to everyone for making Saturday's picnic and fundraiser such a success! A special thanks to Prasadachitta and all the people - too many to name here - who contributed their invaluable organizational and creative skills: the food was fabulous, the pies were amazing, the auction was incredible, the picnic was excellent, the resourcefulness in dealing with the wind was impressive - and more that I've forgotten. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. 


Ordinations in Spain

Message from Guhyaloka Retreat Center in Spain:

We are delighted to announce the ordinations of ... nineteen men at Guhyaloka on Monday 29th May 2023.

Including our SFBC friend (back row, second from right): 

Brad Shwagler becomes Abhayamoksha - 'He who is liberated through fearlessness'
Private preceptor Prasadacitta

Abhayamoksha will be on retreat for several more weeks. 

Some of you may also know Jan:

Jan Strocki becomes Adbhutaja - 'He who is born from what is wonderful'
Private preceptor Paramabandhu

Theme for 2023: Pathways to Awakening


Wednesdays in 2023, 7pm to 9pm. 

Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Pathmaker, there is no path, the path is made by walking. (Antonio Machado)

There are as many paths to awakening as there are beings - it's up to us to start walking and let each step reveal itself, until, as some would say, we discover we were already where we wanted to be. Luckily the Buddha gave countless clear instructions to guide us. This year we'll look at some of them together. 

End of Year at SFBC

As we approach the end of 2022 we want to thank everyone who has taken part in the courses, classes and retreats we have held over last two years. We have very much appreciated your presence and your generosity while we all navigated the changes brought by the pandemic. 

We are fortunate that so many people are willing to share their kindness, wisdom and time to make the dharma available to more and more people who might benefit, regardless of income. 

SFBC President Visit

Samayashri is visiting the SFBC Dec 7 to 10. During her visit she will lead Sangha Night Wednesday Dec 7, and a gathering for order members and mitras Dec 10. She is looking forward to getting to know us.  More information will follow soon. 

Death of Saramati

Saramati had a strong connection with the SFBC Sangha. He was instrumental in helping set up Triratna activities in the Bay Area in 1988, when he taught Buddhism at Stanford University.  He and his wife, Varasuri, practiced with us until moving to Missoula in 1991. He came back several times to lead retreats and study sessions with our sangha….

Here is the notice that went out to the international order:

20th September 2022

Dear Friends,

SFBC President - from Dhammarati to Samayasri

On July 2 at 11am pacific time there's an opportunity for our Sangha to thank and say goodbye to Dhammarati, who has served as SFBC president for longer than most of us can remember, and to welcome the amazing Samayasri, who will take over the role. Samayasri has been chair of the New York Sangha for the last 5 years, and is also president of Vancouver center.