Triratna Earth Sangha Conference

Nov 25 to 27, or locally in December/January

This is an international Triratna Event happening over the US holidays, so the good news is that our local SFBC Green Sangha is planning a sibling event at a time that works better for those in the US and similar time zones. It will likely be December or January. Watch this space.   

The second annual Triratna Earth Sangha online conference

Fear, Grief and Faith

A Buddhist approach to the climate and ecological crises

25-27 November 2022

This year we are broadening our remit to include papers, workshop outlines, guided meditations, puja, music, poetry and the visual arts. We will present perspectives of particularly affected communities and show what Buddhists can do in this current time of multiple crises. We will also introduce the work of the Triratna Earth Sangha.

Who are we?

A group of Triratna Order members, Mitras and Friends worldwide who are deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crises we face and see it as part of their practice to do something about them. We are all too painfully aware of the Buddha’s core teaching that actions have consequences. The accelerating destruction of ecosystems in the natural world caused by greed, hatred and ignorance is causing untold suffering to beings of many kinds, and we feel that it is our duty as Buddhists to do what we can to raise awareness of the plight of the planet, demonstrate an alternative way of life based on stillness, simplicity and contentment and act to relieve suffering where we can. Website, Facebook group, Slack channel.

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