Sangha Nights Online - Aug 5 to Sep 2, 7pm to 9pm

Touching the Earth

Mudras are gestures, usually of the hands and fingers, that express compassion and wisdom in action, pointing us to a deeper understanding of buddhist teachings and helping us to embody them and take them to heart. In this series we'll take 4 Mudras and explore their potential to keep us open-hearted, grounded and connected to our deepest values as we navigate these times:

Aug 5 with Shunyamala - The Varada or Giving Mudra is an open hand, expressing generosity, flowing, letting be, non-grasping, connecting.  

Aug 12 with Prasadachitta - The Dhyana or Meditation Mudra  - hands held in the lap - expresses deep meditation, love and wisdom.

Aug 19 - Meditation and check in

Aug 26 with Mary Salome - Touching the Earth (Bhumisparsa) is the mudra of the Buddha on the shrine at the SFBC: his right hand touches the earth. When we form this mudra it can be a reminder to acknowledge where we are and the conditions that brought us here, to start where we are, and to wake up.

Sep 2 with Karunadevi - The Abhaya or Fearlessness Mudra - right hand raised with palm facing outwards (as if we're saying Stop), creates a pause and connects us to the courage we need to turn towards our experience. 

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