Sangha Nights Online - April 29 2020

Wednesday 7pm to 9pm

April Sangha Nights

April 29: Why Meditate? With Karunadevi

How are you doing during this unprecedented time of uncertainty? Do you feel anxious or worried? Do thoughts tinged with fear or despair take over? Or a longing for all the things you can't do now? Maybe you wonder if it's even worthwhile to meditate.

The Buddha showed us how the mind can get caught up in unhelpful tendencies that can deepen our suffering. These tendencies are 1) Anxiety and Restlessness, 2) Sloth and Torpor, 3) Craving, 4) Aversion, and 5) Doubt.

We will explore some ways of approaching meditation that can be grounding and give our minds/hearts a break from the thoughts and feelings that typically arise in these times.

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