Sangha Nights in October - in person and on zoom

Impermanence and Death

Wednesdays in October - 7pm to 9pm
Earlier this year we explored the four reminders, important Dharma teachings that remind us of the liberating potential of acknowledging impermanence, the preciousness of life, and the inevitability of death. This month we will go deeper into these important subjects, as Helen and Dayamudra lead us in an exploration that is both practical and dharmic. Please register below.
Please note: We will explicitly talk about and visualize death this month. It is likely to be an emotional time. Please be sure you’re up for it. Tissues will be provided. Bring a journal and pen for notes and reflection.

Oct 5: Dying Without Regret 

In the Words of Lou Reed,  “We’re gonna have a real good time together!"
To begin our month-long reflection on impermanence, we engage in a practice of embodied meditation and personal reflection on dying with grace. How can we embrace the wonder of each moment, preparing for a death with no regrets? What did the Buddha teach us?

Oct 12: Buddhist-inspired Practical Solutions to Living & Dying

An evening to engage with the practicalities of our impermanence: creating a network of support, updating an emergency contact list, and designing files to make life's transitions smoother. Practical solutions will be offered, along with guided periods of individual reflection and opportunities to meditate walking, sitting, and lying down, inspired by the Buddha.

Oct 19: Making our Dying Wishes Come True - For ourselves, our families & loved ones

Tonight Dayamudra and Helen explore death from both a Buddhist perspective and a family perspective. Special guest Vimalamoksha will also share the outcome of his two recent near-death experiences.

Oct 26: Fungi and the Bardo

With special guest Amy Rathbone
Fungi have long been considered the bridge between light and dark, half-alive and existing between animate and inanimate states. Tonight we take a look at the similarities of fungi in the transitioning state between life and death and how this relates to impermanence from both scientific and Buddhist perspectives. We also explore green/ eco burial alternatives.

Bonus Workshop: Saturday November 5, 1pm to 5pm

Let’s have a real good time filling out our Living Will / Advanced Care Directives together!
All materials provided —see link! 5 wishes workshop
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