Sangha Nights in October, 7pm to 9pm: Creative Practice

Staying Curious and Keeping Inspiration Alive

This October we will explore creative practice – ways to (gently) shake ourselves free from ruts or habits that can stifle our inspiration and prevent us from discovering anything new or fresh in the world or in ourselves.  

Oct 10: Curiosity and Fear

A creative life means “living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear” (Elizabeth Gilbert). Padmatara will explore what can emerge if we stay curious about things that are scary, including fear itself.

Oct 17: Poetry

Poetry is a doorway into our deepest selves.  Its creative form gives us permission to suspend our habitual ways of thinking and processing, which can provide a fresh source of inspiration and wonder. Shunyamala will share reflections and poems that have inspired her practice and way of life.

Oct 24: Creative Spaces

Vimalamoksha builds imaginative structures, mostly from wood, that reflect and inspire his meditation and dharma practice. He will talk about the ways he has changed the way he works to align with his creative vision.

Oct 31: Remembering

Prasadachitta will lead an evening dedicated to remembering and giving recognition to those who have passed before us.  Friends, family, strangers and other beings from the dead continue to affect us in our own lives whether we are aware of it or not. They are with us in the world in places and things as well as in our minds through thoughts and emotions. There will be an opportunity to remember our loved ones with an offering if we so wish.

No registration required. Come for the whole series or drop in any evening. Open to anyone who is curious!

See also Day Retreat: Words on a Page, Sat, Oct 13 and Lit Crawl, Sat, Oct 20