Sangha Night: Buddhist Action Month: Transforming Self and World

with Hridayashri and special guests

In June we will be joining Triratna Centers around the world to participate in Buddhist Action Month (BAM).  During Sangha Nights, and our monthly Day Retreat June 9, we will explore the theme of "Transforming Self and World".  There will also be opportunities to join online communities. More information here: thebuddhistcenter.

June 9: What is Buddhist Action, with Hridayashri

Hridayashri will share some thoughts on Buddhist action and what it means to her.  We will look at how the path of Right Action leads to a loosening of the sense of a separate self and a greater connection with all things.  With space for all to explore their own practice of undertaking skillful action. 

June 13: Special guests Lena Wolff and Future Chorus

Future Chorus formed in the summer of 2017 as a way of addressing the fallout of the political moment after the 2016 presidential election. Still going strong today, the chorus is made up of an ensemble of over 25 friends, artists and musicians who sing original and cover songs that are incantations to the forces that drive transformative socio-political resistance movements, offering messages of hope, resilience and empowerment to forge a better future.  Artist Lena Wolff will share some thoughts on how to activate around issues of empathy and how we can generate sublime experiences in times of political and ecological unrest.

June 20: Surprise guest speaker - tba

June 27: The Individual and Social Change, with Viradhamma

Viradhamma will explore the role of individuals as agents of social change in the contemporary world where communities are polarized, news is unreliable and there is confusion about community values.

See also June 9, Day Retreat

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