Postponed - Meditation Course: Metta Bhavana – Cultivation of Loving Kindness

Introductory level, four Tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm

Starts on Tuesday 31st Mar 2020
Repeats every week 4 times.

SFBC and Coronavirus (COVID 19): following recommendations and our wish to help delay the spread of the virus and protect our more vulnerable community members, we are postponing our introductory courses for the time being. We will post updates as soon as we have them.  If you have registered we will contact you individually.  Thank you for your patience. Please stay well.

Even as a mother at the risk of her life, watches over and protects her only child, so with a boundless heart let one cherish all living beings. (From the Metta Sutta)

The metta bhavana, or cultivation of loving kindness, is a powerful meditation practice that teaches us how to bring a friendly, kind, curious attention to ourselves and to other people, and to whatever arises in our experience, softening harsh self-criticism and judgment and bringing a sense of ease and openness to our participation in the world. 

In this 4-week workshop we teach different ways to do the practice so that everyone has what they need to continue effectively at home.  The course is friendly, practical and easy to follow. There are led meditations each evening with plenty of time for questions and sharing our discoveries in a safe and welcoming space. The course book also contains helpful information and instruction. 

Suitable for complete beginners to meditation as well as anyone wishing to refresh their practice. refresh their practice.

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