Dana for Kittens

Sangha member Julie Bennett, AKA Jules, loves all animals and wanted to do something to help with helpless and homeless pets. Now, she's a foster mom to several kittens, who are sharing a home with her and her three dogs until they find their forever homes.

"The dogs absolutely love having kittens in the house!" Julie said. "They are so cute and gentle with the babies." 

At the time of this writing she had four kittens available for adoption. She described them as dog-friendly, very social, and adept at using the litter box and scratching post. They have had their first set of vaccines and were scheduled to be spayed and neutered.

Not all kittens are as lucky as the four she has now. In late May she received two newborns that someone found and turned in to a shelter. Sadly, neither of them survived, having been separated from their mother too young. 

The four lucky ones living with her now have free reign of her house. "It’s so much fun watching them grow and explore!" Julie said. After they are spayed/neutered, they can go to their forever homes.

"We ask that the kittens are taken in pairs, as they really love each other and will entertain each other, especially if they go to families that work, and aren’t home much most of the time." Follow Julie on Facebook to see the available kittens and find out more.