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Pilgimage at Wisdom, Montana

Last year we said goodbye to our dear friend, teacher, mentor, colleague and creative inspiration: Suvarnaprabha. She died September 24, 2013, shortly after her 50th birthday, surrounded by love.

We are fortunate that she loved to write, and her blog, describing the 2 years from discovering she had cancer to shortly before her death, is now also available as a book: "Crap, I've Got Cancer. The sad, somewhat funny, definitely not depressing cancer memoir".

This is her bio.

A few talks given by Suvarnaprabha (freebuddhistaudio.com)     

Originally from an undisclosed suburb north of the Mexican border, Suvarnaprabha has been living in the Bay Area since 1986. During a solitary trip around Asia, she became drawn toward Buddhism and learned to meditate in Kathmandu. Suvarnaprabha is the Buddhist (Sanskrit) name she received when she was ordained in 2001. Her name means "Golden Radiance". Suvanna for short!

Suvarnaprabha worked for the SFBC for 10 years, first as Admnistrative Director and then as Creative Director. Check out the arts events she has organized. (And see Who Does What for more information about Center roles.)

Formerly an advice columnist known as "Auntie Suvanna" with a regular column in Dharma Life magazine, her writing has appeared in What Book?! Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop (Parallax Press, 1998) and Challenging Times: Stories of Buddhist practice when things get tough (Windhorse Publications, 2007). She has the humble distinction of having written the first poem ever published in Wired magazine.