Retreats at Jikoji

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We have been going on retreat at Jikoji Retreat Center for many years. It is situated in a valley within an open preserve of forests and ridges. There are many beautiful trails to hike in the afternoon free time. The meditation room (zendo) and community room are heated by wood fire stoves. When it's not summer, be prepared for cold and/or wet weather. Even in summer, mornings in the zendo can be chilly.


NOTE: The turn from Skyline drive to Jikoji is not easy to find if you haven't done it before, all the more difficult in the dark! Especially if you've never been there before, try to make sure you are driving during daylight hours. The drive should take about an hour and a half from San Francisco. Retreats usually start at 7:30pm - if you can't leave the city by 6pm at the latest, let the reteat leader/s know.

Directions (revised 2/2009)

  1. The address (for GPS) is 12100 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos CA 95033
  2. Take Highway 280 South to 92 West.
  3. Take 92 West a few miles to the top of the hill and turn left on Skyline Boulevard (Hwy 35).
  4. Stay on Skyline for roughly 45 minutes. The first landmark is the Page Mill Road sign. Set your trip meter here. (DO NOT try to find Jikoji using the addresses on Skyline--they are not in sequence!)
  5. About 4.5 miles past Page Mill Road, turn right on Ward Road. Landmarks: a mailbox on the right that says 12100 Skyline Blvd, a brown gate, and a small sign: Jikoji. This turn is hard to find at night. (look at map) (If you get to the fire station or the junction of Hwy 9, you have gone too far.)
  6. The gate may be latched, but it won't be locked. Follow the dirt road down a short distance, bearing right at the fork, to the Jikoji parking lot. The road is a little rough, but safe in rainy weather.


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