Retreats at Camp Double Bear

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Camp Double Bear is situated on 100 acres in the rugged Santa Cruz Mountains. There are backroads and some trails to hike, Bear Creek to explore, and a hot tub to enjoy in the afternoon free time. There are dorms with sleeping mats provided. All spaces are heated by wood burning stoves. There are tent sites if you prefer to camp (to camp be sure to arrive a little earlier to have adequate time to set up your tent before the retreat begins at 8pm).

Directions to Camp Double Bear from San Francisco (revised Oct 2008)

NOTE: This drive takes about 2 hours. Camp Double Bear is hard to find in the dark. Especially if you've never been there before, plan so that the last part of the drive especially happens when it's light. Retreats usually start at 7 or 7:30pm - if you aren't likely to arrive by the start time, let the reteat leaders know, and bring someone with you who's been there before.

  1. Take 280 South, to 85 South/Gilroy, to Route 17 South toward Santa Cruz.
  2. After a few miles, exit Bear Creek Road, and turn left. Press the trip meter (turn is in 7.5 miles.)
  3. Stay on Bear Creek Road - there are a few signs to other places - don't turn! Stay on the road you're on.
  4. At 7.5 miles, look for a very rusty brown guard rail on the right. Just pass the guard rail, take a sharp right onto Bear Creek Canyon Road (note green road sign above mailboxes). This dirt road is safe, but a bit rough.
  5. After 1/2 mile, cross over Bear Creek on small bridge.
  6. A little over 1/2 mile beyond bridge, there will be two roads close together on the left. Take the second one, onto Ron's Road.
  7. Very soon, take first right at the green gate - pull 50 feet beyond and turn around to make this very tight turn. You are now on Double Bear land.
  8. Go up paved drive 3/10 mile to small sign on left and a barn with blue trim. Pass the barn and follow signs for parking further up the road on the right.
  9. The rest of the retreat center is, if you are facing the barn, down the road a very short way on the left side of the barn. You can drive down from the barn to drop off your stuff at the dorms - the first bldg on the left is the dorm (on mixed retreats, usually the bigger dorm is the women's)…After parking, registration and dinner (if you brought it!), walk down from the barn to the dining yurt/kitchen.