Ways You Can Give

On Valencia street, Photo by Citisven - svenworld.wordpress.com

The San Francisco Buddhist Center is a public place devoted to creating a supportive environment for those interested in it. There are many painless ways you can contribute to this volunteer-run space:

  • When it's purge time. Next time you are reducing clutter, consider donating it to Community Thrift Store, and specify the San Francisco Buddhist Center (charity #117, but just the name works too) as the recipient charity. It's at 623 Valencia Street, near 17th Street. Donation hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sycamore Alley (around the corner from the store). Tel: 861-4910
  • Pledge monthly support, or a one-time donation. To make a regular contribution, see Dana Program, or to make a one-time donation, see Donations & Payments page.
  • Donate through Amazon Smile when you shop on Amazon.
  • Volunteer. (See also Volunteering.) This Center exists because of people volunteer their time to clean it, organize retreats, teach classes, put together the program, and countless other things. If you appreciate this place, please consider helping - once, for a week, a month, a year, or anything between!

For more information about our organizational structure, see Who Does What at the SFBC.