Who Does What at the SFBC


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Who puts together the Center program and invites teachers? (For that one, check out the SFBC program flowchart.) Who cleans the Center? Who plans food for retreats? Find out here...

Organization and Roles

This public nonprofit organization exists largely because of the generosity of volunteers. All teaching at the Center is done on a volunteer basis. The Center Chair and the Center Director receive a monthly stipend for their administrative work.

The Board and Council have overall responsibility for the Center, with Center Director, (Padmatara), and two other members of the council acting as an executive committe.

The Center Management Team (CMT) is responsible for the day to day support of retreats, keeping the building clean and organized, and other Center activities.

The Teaching Kula focuses on evaluating and planning teaching, as well as suggesting policies.

Other roles include: Mitra Convenors, who coordinate and oversee what the Center offers to mitras, and Building Caretakers.


Board: Viveka, Viradhamma, Karunadevi, Dhammarati and Padmatara.

Executive Committee: Padmatara, Danadasa, Dhivajri.

Council: Padmatara, Danadasa, Dhivajri, Shunyamala, Prasadachitta, Dhammarati

President: Dhammarati.

Center Management Team: Padmatara, Drew Folta, Hridayashri, Mary Salome and Brad Schwagler.

Teaching Kula: Padmatara, Karunadevi, Dhivajri, Prasadachitta, Vimalamoksha (convenor), Hridayashri, Dayamudra, Danadasa

Women's Mitra Convener: Hridayashri

Men's Mitra Convener: Prasadachitta