The Dana (Giving) Program

Dana means generosity or giving. Traditionally, Dana refers to the money donated for full time Dharma practitioners and for making the Dharma available. It takes money to keep the lights, heat and water turned on, to invite a range of Dharma teachers to lead retreats and other events for the community, to keep the shrine stocked with fresh flowers to inspire us, to make scholarships available to those with low incomes. No one is turned away for lack of money.

The SFBC provides the Chairwoman and Director with a modest stipend. Otherwise, we are an entirely volunteer-run community. (See Who Does What at the SFBC.) Think about that! No one at our Center charges to teach a single class or lead a retreat. Even so, basic expenses are about $7500 a month, which is covered by Dana, income from courses and retreats, rent and fundraisers.

Participating in the Dana Program means making a regular financial committment to the Center. This can be monthly, annually, or at whatever interval works for you. Those participating in the Dana Program attend Sangha Night at no charge. Pledges now range from $10/month to $200/month.

If your financial situation should ever change you can always let us know and make a modification to your pledge. Everyone has a different financial situation so if we all give as we are able as a whole we trust that the community that gathers at the Center will continue to flourish.

You can use your credit card online to set a recurring payment so you don't have to think about it. If you have questions about, or would like to participate in, our Dana Program, please email or call us.