More Ways You Can Help: Volunteer!

Monk sweeping

This Center exists because of people volunteer their time to clean it, teach classes, put together the program, and countless other things. If you appreciate this place, please consider doing a job for a week, month/s, or a year. Here are the areas we can always use more help in:

  • Center Aesthetics - shrines, cleaning, organizing, or buying supplies (see "Clean up and Meditate")
  • Publicity - postcards, flyering in the neighborhood, design, internet publicity, proofreading, or website
  • Retreats - menu planning, organizing rides, or shopping for food
  • Bookstore - Ordering and making things to sell, or writing book reviews
  • Fundraising - Helping organize or staff events
  • Misc. Support - bookkeeping, rentals, admin/communications, or data entry

For more information, please contact us