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Here is a list of upcoming events.
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Women's Retreat: Getting Curious
led by Viveka and Padmatara
Nov 7–10 (Fri 5pm to Mon 3pm)
Nov 7–9 (Fri 7pm to Sun 4pm)
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Awareness and Compassion, Winter Meditation Retreat
led by Viveka and Padmadharini
Dec 20–27 (Sat 6pm to Sat 3pm)
Dec 20–23 (Sat 6pm to Tue 5pm)
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Women's Western Region Order Mitra Retreat
led by Karunadevi
Feb 13–17 (Fri 7pm to Tue 11am)
Feb 13–15 (Fri 7pm to Sun 5pm)
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2015 Spring Week-long Meditation Retreat
with Paramananda and Paramabodhi
Apr 18–25 (Sat 6pm to Sat 1pm)
Apr 18–20 (Sat 6pm to Mon 5pm)
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